Why I Support Fair Maps

Voters should pick their representatives, not the other way around. Rigging district maps for partisan gain (aka “gerrymandering”) is wrong when Republicans do it, and it’s wrong when Democrats do it. Districts should be drawn by a non-partisan body, out in the open, with public input.

When I get to Madison I will not do to the Republicans what they have done to the Democrats.

Gerrymandering is just plain wrong and it sets up “safe” districts where politicians’ only fear is being primaried by someone within their own party. Rather than working together and trying to appeal to moderate voters, this pushes Republicans further to the right and Democrats further to the left. There is no longer a need for compromise and we get stuck with the polarization and gridlock we have now.

We're the United States. We have to unite, we need to find the middle, and we need to work together.

Another bad side-effect of gerrymandering is that when Madison knows that a seat is "safe," it doesn’t see the need to send tax money there. If there's little to no chance of a party ever losing (or winning) a particular seat, it takes away the incentive to make sure the needs of that district get addressed in a meaningful way. When we say a district is "safe" for one party or the other, that also makes it a "safe" district for politicians to ignore.

This is a big year-- a year for the census in which lines will be redrawn for the next decade. Look at how far apart and polarized Wisconsin has become in the last 10 years. That's not the United States, that's a "divided States." That's what other countries want us to be; they want us to be divided because they know we are stronger when we unite and work together.

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