The 3 Pillars of Our Campaign

The 3 most important issues facing all of our families in Northern Wisconsin are Jobs, Healthcare, and Housing. Together, these form the foundation that every family needs to be successful.

I got into this race to help children and families. Once families have that foundation to survive, they can build on that foundation and start to thrive.

We need to support our Main Streets, our small businesses and their employees, and all of our great small communities here in the 75th. Imagine if we took some of the state funding that's going to large corporations like Foxconn in the southern part of our state and redirected it back into our communities here locally.

Northern Wisconsin is very productive. We farm, we manufacture, we produce, we innovate, and we pay taxes. But one of the things that's holding us back is that we don't have enough housing to support all the jobs that we do have. The state has programs and tax breaks designed to promote more affordable housing, but these haven't reached the 75th district.

As an educator, I've had to go do wellness checks on some of my students at their homes. Those children who are doing well are coming from warm, comfortable, healthy homes. Children who are not doing well live in inadequate housing. I've seen snow going under doors, kids sleeping on couches, and water coming through roofs. It's heartbreaking.

If you have a healthy home, you have a good job, and you have access to healthcare, that is the strong foundation our families need. We have the money to help families establish a strong foundation. We just need to direct it to where it will do the most good.

I'm passionate about these issues and I'm invested in the success of children and families in our communities. I teach in Barron, my wife teaches in Rice Lake, my son teaches in Cumberland, we live in Shell Lake. There are many wonderful small communities in the 75th, and we need to take care of them. We have to take care of each other. And we have to make sure that our tax dollars top leaving the 75th and help our families and communities thrive.

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