Why I Support Fair Maps

Voters should pick their representatives, not the other way around. Rigging district maps for partisan gain (aka “gerrymandering”) is wrong when Republicans do it, and it’s wrong when Democrats do it. Districts should be drawn by a non-partisan body, out in the open, with public input.

When I get to Madison I will not do to the Republicans what they have done to the Democrats.

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Education: The Pipeline Out of Poverty

Education is the pipeline out of poverty. It balances the wealthy and the poor because, with public education, all are at the same level and all have the same starting point. The hard work and dedication you puts into education makes the difference.

Funding has been cut in education, and it shows...

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The 3 Pillars of Our Campaign

The 3 most important issues facing all of our families in Northern Wisconsin are Jobs, Healthcare, and Housing. Together, these form the foundation that every family needs to be successful.

I got into this race to help children and families. Once families have that foundation to survive, they can build on that foundation and start to thrive.

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Former WI Badgers forward John Ellenson says timing right to run for Assembly seat

by Jim Polzin (Read the full article at the Wisconsin State Journal)

John Ellenson had an interest in politics as far back as his days with the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball program.

John Ellenson Wisconsin Badgers basketball card

He even briefly considered a major in political science — that plan lasted less than a semester — while playing for the Badgers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

To understand why Ellenson is running for a spot in the state Legislature all these years later, it helps to know what’s happened since he decided on a different career path back then.

“You got time?” Ellenson, 51, said earlier this week. “It’s a lengthy story.”

Here’s the Cliffs Notes version:

Ellenson was in a classroom in Bascom Hall three decades ago when an instructor was talking about how 80 percent of a child’s brain is formed in the first three years following birth. “That was my aha moment,” Ellenson said. “I remember looking around the room and thinking, ‘Did you just hear that?’ ”

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Press Release: Ellenson Announces Assembly Campaign

SHELL LAKE, WI -- John C. Ellenson, a lifetime resident of Wisconsin, husband, father, and proud public educator, is announcing his campaign to be the next representative to serve the people of the 75th Assembly District of Wisconsin.

John said he has been frustrated with the events in Madison and the effect it has had on the residents of the 75th. “Here we are in the most challenging health crisis America has faced in a century and the division amongst politicians is at a historic high. We are strong hard working people here in Northern Wisconsin and day after day we work together for our families and friends, we need our representatives to do the same. We may have disagreements, however, we must find a way to build a future for our families together...."

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