Happy Constitution Day!

Today, in 1787, the Philadelphia delegates signed the newly created Constitution. It has endured to be the longest-lasting constitution in history.

The streets surrounding our beautiful state capitol are named after the signers of the Constitution. If you elect me, as I walk those streets, I'll remember my oath to the families and to the people of the 75th: That we are all created equal, and that we all have a chance for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today is a great day for America. We the people become united. United we stand!

Zoom with John Ellenson & Janet Bewley

Team Huddle Zoom Fundraiser with John Ellenson and Janet Bewley

I'm excited to announce that State Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley is joining me at 6:30pm this Thursday, September 17 for our "Team Huddle" Zoom Fundraiser, and I would be honored to see you there as well!

Thursday, September 17 - 6:30PM
Register here for a Zoom invite

Together, we can do great things. Team Ellenson is all about teamwork and unity, and we need your help so we can reach every voter in the 75th District. Show your support for our positive message of a brighter future for all Wisconsin families by attending the Team Huddle fundraiser.

I really appreciate your support and look forward to fighting for you in Madison! United we stand!

John Ellenson takes the Fair Maps Pledge

Wisconsin State Assembly candidate John Ellenson has taken the Fair Maps Pledge to ban partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin and implement an independent, nonpartisan process for drawing legislative district maps.

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Broadband: We need to catch up to Minnesota

Rural broadband access is something that touches on key issues for every family: Jobs, Healthcare, Housing, and Education.

Northern Wisconsin is competing with the rest of the world. We need broadband for all of our small businesses to succeed. And it became even more important during the pandemic, with people trying to get work done and keep their businesses running from home.

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Watch: John Ellenson on DrydenWire Live

Had a blast talking with Ben Dryden on DrydenWire Live! We talked about who I am, how I got here, helping children and families, teamwork, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, cleaning hockey rink bathrooms, and a whole lot more...

Be sure to also check out DrydenWire's "15 Things You Might Not Know About Me" article.

Women's Equality Day

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Join me in celebrating 100 years of women having the right to vote.

The fight for women's suffrage took far too long, from 1848 (the year Wisconsin became a state!) up until the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920. We should all be particularly proud that Wisconsin was the very first state to ratify the 19th Amendment on June 10, 1919.

Why I Support Fair Maps

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Voters should pick their representatives, not the other way around. Rigging district maps for partisan gain (aka “gerrymandering”) is wrong when Republicans do it, and it’s wrong when Democrats do it. Districts should be drawn by a non-partisan body, out in the open, with public input.

When I get to Madison I will not do to the Republicans what they have done to the Democrats.

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