John Ellenson takes the Fair Maps Pledge

Wisconsin State Assembly candidate John Ellenson has taken the Fair Maps Pledge to ban partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin and implement an independent, nonpartisan process for drawing legislative district maps.

“We learn in school that every 10 years the districts we use to elect our representatives are redrawn to make sure that each legislator is representing the same number of people. One person, one vote,” Ellenson said. “But in the 21st century, politicians from both parties have taken to hiring expensive consultants who use powerful mapping and data software to create bizarrely misshapen maps that give their party a built-in, almost voter-proof, advantage.”

How Gerrymandering Works Chart

“Gerrymandering hurts Wisconsinites,” Ellenson continued. “When a politician runs in a ‘safe’ district, they only need to appeal to the small group that votes in one party’s primary and can ignore the needs of everybody else. It locks-in power for the extreme base of each party even though most of us think of ourselves as independents or moderates.”

“Wisconsin legislative districts have been so skillfully sliced up along partisan lines that the average margin of victory for a winning Assembly candidate, regardless of party, has been over 45% in each of the last 2 elections. Of the 198 Assembly races in 2018 and 2016, only 7 were decided by 5% or less. If you want to know why there’s so little compromise and cooperation in Madison, look no further than all these ridiculously partisan ‘safe’ districts.”

“I’m taking the Fair Maps Pledge so that we can have a collective voice, not just two groups of partisans shouting past each other without listening to the voters they’re supposed to represent. This is imperative right now because it’s a census year and we’re going to draw new district lines that will shape our state’s future for the next 10 years.”

“And I call on my opponent to take the Fair Maps Pledge with me. Let’s level the playing field, put our best ideas out there, and let the voters decide who should have a majority in Madison.”

“We need to come together as a country, to come together as a state, to unite. That's why we're the United States of America. It's because we're able to negotiate, talk, and figure out what's best for all of us. Not just what's best for the far-right or the far-left.”

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