Education: The Pipeline Out of Poverty

Education is the pipeline out of poverty. It balances the wealthy and the poor because, with public education, all are at the same level and all have the same starting point. The hard work and dedication you puts into education makes the difference.

Funding has been cut in education, and it shows...

There is a lack of substitute teachers and a lack of qualified teachers. We have an alarming shortage of male teachers; many have left education. Of the 3 schools I teach in with nearly 500 students, there are only 3 male teachers left.

It's not always the first thing people think about, but one of the post important parts of my job is being a role model for students. When students see me, they know that I care about them, want to keep them safe, and want them to do well. I am a role model in their lives. With these young kids, anything they see me do instantly becomes an option for them to do, which is why it's so important that they consistently see me exhibiting kindness, compassion, understanding, and hard-work.

We need to increase education funding at all levels: elementary, middle, high schools, universities and technical colleges. The amount of debt we're putting on young men and women is staggering and unsustainable. Locking them into debt for decades is terrible for our economy.

Education touches on the three foundational pillars that families need: jobs, healthcare, and housing.

We must fund our educators, fund our schools, and we have to make a difference for our children.

We also have to look at different ways of funding education. When so much of our schools' funding is based on property taxes, it results in wide disparities from district to district, and it's especially harmful in rural areas. Our current system pits property owners against the schools, and that's not good for anybody. We must find better, fairer, more sustainable ways to fund education and help our children and families.

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