America is Watching: Let's Choose Hope Over Fear & Division

By now you’ve probably heard about my opponent's extreme, hateful views reported in the the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Rice Lake Chronotype, and beyond. So I wanted to reach out to all voters in our district to let you know just where I stand: With you.

I know you. I know my neighbors. My wife and I have raised our children here for 25 years. We know the honor and the respect that you have, and that we share, here in Northern Wisconsin.

I came to Veteran's Memorial Park in Rice Lake today to show the significance of the sacrifice of families who have served to uphold the truth that we are all created equal. That life, liberty, and justice is for all.

Those sacrifices families have made to defend our freedoms remind me of mothers and fathers who wake up on days like today and wonder about how their sons and daughters are doing: loved ones who are here serving in our police and fire departments or as EMTs, or protecting us overseas. We hope our loved ones are doing well and they are safe as they do the hard work of protecting democracy, not only for us at home, but for families and children around the world.

As this election approaches, I want you to think about making a choice out of hope, and not out of fear.

This is an important election. When the spotlight returns, let's show America that we know what is right, and just, and honorable. Let's show America that they can count on us.

We will do what Americans have always done. We will stand shoulder-to-shoulder, face forward, & we will do so united.

God bless America. And God bless Northern Wisconsin.

(First time here? Watch John's DrydenWire interview and read his platform.)

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